Guide to Building a Successful Blockchain Company

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The mystery of blockchain technology has caused many people to think that building a successful blockchain company is different from starting a company in any other industry. It is not. For those of you who are still mystified by blockchain technology, we

What is the Best Way to Make Investments in Blockchain Technology?

Investments in blockchain technology

What do you do if you want to make investments in blockchain, but you don’t want to buy a digital currency such as Bitcoin or Ether?  As an introductory matter, don’t be alarmed or shy.  In fact, some of our risk-averse friends

In What Industries is Blockchain Technology Useful?

Many people believe blockchain technology is the most significant technological innovation since the Internet, referring to it at times as Internet 3.0. Others believe blockchain technology will change the world by revolutionizing almost every industry. We happen to believe that both of

Introduction to the World of Blockchain Technology

  Practically speaking, blockchain technology allows people who do not trust one another to enter into a transaction without meeting in person or needing a central party (such as a bank or government) to verify the authenticity of the assets being transacted